Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yay for Protection!

Without phone would of just been toast! It had a large scratch which Tom thought was a crack in the screen. Major bummer! Although, I wasn't too distraught as I've been waiting for the new Samsung Vibrant although, since we just spent money on guns, would prefer to wait on a new phone. Well, we have been saved! It was just a deep scratch in the protective plastic on my screen...Whew! I have removed the broken cover and replaced it with a new shiny cover. Definitely a must for touch-screen phones! :) 

In other news, Tom and I have decided to start looking at combining assets and setting a budget for us two rather than having two accounts and two budgets when we share most everything anyway (minus housing). In order to help us get started, I decided to go through both our accounts and see what we were spending on everything. Turns out that we were spending over $1000 a month just in food/meals...for two people!! That seems outrageous to me! Although, I really shouldn't of been surprised since we always eat out. So, we have decided that we can reduce that significantly if we would just make our own food and eat at home more. So that we shall do. We started this weekend by making a menu and getting groceries (seriously, we hadn't gone grocery shopping in close to a sad). So, now we are just trying to figure out what is reasonable for two people...I think it should be no big deal to cut it down to $400, max of $500 to eat at home all week and then maybe go out on the weekends. What do you think? What is normal? 

In order to help reach this new budget goal, I am going to start looking through coupons. Thank you mom for the tip on coupons. Hopefully we can save some more money, there are plenty more important things around this house and our new lives that could use that money! Like...protective film for my phone :) 


  1. Following from Friendly Friday. Great Blog. Wishing you the best for a wonderful week to come. Best wishes and if you want stop by and check me out. I'd appreciate it. My adventures into professionalism and out of terminal illness. Hollywood Chic.


  2. I am glad your phone was saved!!! Good luck. I hate grocery shopping. Actually, I'm not allowed to go any more. I hate spending money on food! haha! I would rather be shopping for clothes or shoes! My priorities are in order...Jim just needs to line his up with mine!:)

  3. haha I don't mind grocery shopping, but prefer Tom be with me :)