Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blister Block is Not Just for Feet!

So, when  I was younger I refused to wear skirts/dresses out of principle (i.e. I refuse to give in to the stereotypical female role), then later it became more of a practical thing. I'd wear dresses or skirts but always needed shorts underneath to prevent the irritating (and sometimes painful) rubbing of my thighs (seriously embarrassing, but the truth and as they say...the truth shall set you free!). My solution...keep a pair of workout shorts and wear them under the open outfit. But that wasn't a great solution and definitely killed the "I feel cute" part of wearing a skirt or dress (and then what is the point, right?). 

Some time back (right after I got my first "real" job) and needed to wear "grown-up" shoes (seriously, what is so wrong with flip flops?!), I started getting blisters. I then tried everything I could to prevent and treat the nasty suckers: regular bandaids, cloth bandaids, the thick blister bandaids, and blister block (for those wondering, the blister bandaids really do work better). But anyway, I digress. So once I realized that Blister Block didn't work so great at preventing blisters (ironic), I had an epiphany! I wonder if this could solve my "other" problem with dresses/skirts? And that it did (fabulously, I might add)! 

I now keep stock of the product because it is just that amazing! No more shorts, no more rubbing, and I still get to feel cute in my skirts. Yay! Chaffing = 0, Amy = 1. So, for those of you ladies with similar problems, try it out (I can't guarantee your money back, but am pretty sure you'll be glad you did)! :D
Saving the world one dress at a time,
Amy :)

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