Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have decided, is wonderful! I somehow managed to get 12 hours of it last night plus a 2 hour nap today! yay for catching up on a week with a bit less than I hoped for. :) We also had a nice dinner tonight with Tom's family (healthy too!). We haven't done that as much lately, mostly just because we were busy and have had odd schedules. I'm thinking it'll go back to the normal weekly thing soon. Which will be nice. I enjoy Tom's parents and know they like seeing him on a regular basis :) I am quite blessed to have some great "in-laws" to-be. 

Speaking of the "to-be", Tom and I continue to blend our lives, this time monetarily. We are just about officially operating off one account (waiting for a couple things to clear). It has been an interesting process but not nearly as stressful as I had thought it would be. We have a solid budget and have set up all the bills (we hope) so we can stay on top of it all. It feels great to have a budget and goals and not to be worrying about having enough or living paycheck to paycheck (as I had done earlier in my 20s). Hopefully this will also bring less stress to my hubby to be. Money is definitely one of those things that can stress him out. This way, I'll be doing most the daily stuff so he has to worry less. :) 

Does anyone know how to (or if) you can change the default font and color of blogger posts? It would be nice not to have to change it every time! 

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