Monday, July 19, 2010

Back in the Groove

We are both getting back into our groove after a weekend of some celebrating! Tom and I decided to go to Tahoe Joe's to celebrate our 1-year dating anniversary :-p It was fun, but we definitely did not stick to the diet plan. So, you know what that means...suffer to make up for the excess fat/calories (although they were WELL worth it). Also, I have so far held out from eating ANY of the chocolate cake (but haven't held out from all sweets, so don't applaud too quickly). Either way, I think I am back where I ought to be and did quite well for lunch. I plan on continuing on my path this week. Mostly just because it would be pure awesome to continue losing 2lbs/week. Although, truthfully, if I would just better coordinate my time and exercise, I could probably get there faster...sigh. One step at a time. 

I've also continued with my coupon cutting efforts although have yet to use one. But I have serious plans (including a list in my phone) to go use some tomorrow before they expire. I am still trying to learn how to combine sells and coupons to maximize my efforts, but am not quite there yet. Mostly because Mr. Sir has told me I am not to buy the local newspaper and I understand and appreciate him sticking to his principles...but I REALLY want to save us more money too! Life is so rough sometimes :-p 

We also continue to work to try and train his seemingly untrainable dog. Has anyone ever dealt with one of those (this one is a dachshund/terrier mix) and Boy he can TRY my patience. I have tried all my best dog whisperer/psychology techniques to no avail. I really am starting to wonder if he has the mental capacity!!! But, it does seem like he is getting slightly better (let me emphasize the slightly). Maybe we'll have him trained...someday...some year. Anyone have any good tips? 

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