Friday, July 16, 2010

Money, Money, Money...

We just keep saving and saving! It is amazing how much we have saved just by eating at home. We are spending about as much as I thought we would and quite a bit less than Tom thought. Either way, it is equaling out to us meeting some of the goals we want faster (way better). Also, it has helped in our weight loss efforts. I finally broke the 210s this week (*dances in chair*). I'm not sure why breaking 210 seems like such a big deal compared to the 220s or 230s...but it does. Tom also did great this week and lost just short of 5 pounds! 

Back on the money front, we have continued going through our "crap" and have now made $270 selling it off through Craigslist. We have used that money to finish paying off Tom's new gun and decided to treat ourselves to sushi tonight. :) 

I was not able to fully use coupons like i had hoped, but partially because my collection is not completely built up. I am continuing to find sites that I like to help me find the deals and hope to be more efficient in the near future! Either way, I am loving these changes and hope we can keep it up!  

Okay...edit this...I just realized I didn't use ANY coupons...What a goof!!! I set the ones aside in my "currently in use" compartment of my coupon organizer and then forgot the important part of taking them out to use them at check out...*face palm* lol Oh well...that would of been a nice $1.50 to save, but maybe next time I'll remember! 


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  3. Hi Amy!! Thanks for following! I am following you back too!! We like to eat at home and save money too. It is amazing how fast it adds up.
    - Karissa

  4. Congrats on your happy dance in a chair weight! :)I am so proud of you and excited!! :)