Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mission Semi-Impossible

I cannot help but laugh out loud right now! This house was so much more of a mess than I EVER expected. Geez! I have been focused and cleaning for about 2 days solid and I'm still not done! Although, through this, I have learned that Tom definitely does NOT need new shirts, but we do need a new vacuum (here is hoping we get a good one for the wedding). His vacuum is all but dead, and mine is no match for our wire-haired terrier. lol 

Oh well, at least he will be coming home to a well-groomed yard and clean home tomorrow/Monday. All I have left is the kitchen and bathrooms and am determined to get those up to par tomorrow (if not tonight). For cleaning, I almost wish he was gone longer. lol But otherwise I am so excited to see him! While cleaning has made the time go by quickly, I still miss him something crazy! 

So, tomorrow night Bob and Audrey (my adopted grandparents) want Mika (see above). They used to be regular dog-owners, but after their last two passed, they decided no more pets. They just can't get around like they need to to be good dog owners (which is really sad). But they do appreciate being grandparents to others' dogs and love my Mika! So, they figured 4th of July would be a excuse to ask for her, since they know I'm watching her and might want to go out without leaving her to suffer from the noise. I know they'll love having her for a night and she too will enjoy the spoiling that comes with staying with the grandparents :)

Well, I need a shower (really, I do) and then I think I will relax with a movie and perhaps a glass of wine... :-O 


  1. Thank for the follow! I am following your back from Following Friday!

  2. rock and you come visit us up here if you run out of places to clean. :)

  3. haha will do Nat! I would love to come and visit, thanks for the reminder. I need to chat with Tom to see if we can't make that happen sometime soon :)