Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life is good

So, today I was able to use my coupon magic to save more than I spent (at Rite Aid, CVS, and Vons)! I am pretty dang excited. Even Tom was impressed (although didn't think he really needed 24 disposable razors...). I feel like I am making some great progress in my ability to find and utilize the deals and save money. Woot. I'd also like to give a shoutout to my coupon/money saving helper, my mom. Thanks mom! 

Here comes the fun part...and really the reason I have not blogged much recently (are you excited? I sure am!). So, I have not been posting because I have this HUGE news (well huge for me) that I want to share, but couldn't (since you never know who is reading), but at this point the people I'd be mostly concerned about already know so I can't do TOO much more damage. 

**Drum Roll**

I am one interview away from a new job with Kaiser Permanente! I applied about 6 weeks ago and have been waiting and answering questions and waiting and then interviewing and waiting and answering more questions! Whew! Well, now I just have one more interview (with 3 administrators) and then hopefully (cross your fingers and toes) they will make me an offer I can't refuse. :) If not, it really isn't the end of the world since I do love my job. But it would be nice to work in a company that offers promotions and rewards efforts (unlike the County). So, I am pretty excited. Also, I know this would be a fairly significant bump in salary (with great benefits too)! An all around win-win. 

Well, not total win. It will not be so happy leaving my bosses and co-workers I admire so much (also my heart office-decorated by Tom for the proposal) and my wonderful hours. But life goes on and I am excited to see where this will lead. So, if you pray, send a prayer up around 1:30 (PST) on Monday afternoon, and if not I still appreciate well wishes and your thoughts! 

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I will be sure to update you as soon as I am able. Thank you for tolerating my absence and I am sure to resume regular blogging. :) 

Saturday, July 24, 2010


That is what I like to use when referring to Tom's two dogs. They may look cute, but don't let them fool you! We have been working with them for the past year (really solidly the last 2 months) to try and break them of some old bad habits like: staying out of the kitchen, off the couch, not waking up Tom for food (he has to do this one on his own), and not constantly licking. Every time I think we are making real progress, they show me they really are just getting better at pretending they are listening.

For example...tonight, Tom decided to smoke the cigar I got him out front and I decided to join him just to chat. I come back inside after about 5-10 minutes to get a glass of Riesling to find Buzz on the couch (although he quickly got off when he heard me come in) and Tigger in my kitchen (once again trying to leave the kitchen). I swear I could kill them both (okay, not really, but it is REALLY frustrating). So...all this tells me is that they pretend we are in charge to get extra treats and stay out of trouble, but really think they rule the joint. Ugh! 

So, now they sit, locked outside in the back, because I'm not going to let them get back up on the couch while I go outside and also, I just don't know what else to do! We have tried scolding, rubbing their nose, smacking their noses/butts, spraying water, giving treats, words of praise and punishment, locking outside, and the list goes on, but to no avail! How do you get dogs to continue following the rules when you're not constantly watching?! I've never had this problem with any of my other dogs (then again I started training from puppyhood), they all learned and listened and stayed out of trouble even when I couldn't watch. These two just refuse!!! HELP!!


I have decided, is wonderful! I somehow managed to get 12 hours of it last night plus a 2 hour nap today! yay for catching up on a week with a bit less than I hoped for. :) We also had a nice dinner tonight with Tom's family (healthy too!). We haven't done that as much lately, mostly just because we were busy and have had odd schedules. I'm thinking it'll go back to the normal weekly thing soon. Which will be nice. I enjoy Tom's parents and know they like seeing him on a regular basis :) I am quite blessed to have some great "in-laws" to-be. 

Speaking of the "to-be", Tom and I continue to blend our lives, this time monetarily. We are just about officially operating off one account (waiting for a couple things to clear). It has been an interesting process but not nearly as stressful as I had thought it would be. We have a solid budget and have set up all the bills (we hope) so we can stay on top of it all. It feels great to have a budget and goals and not to be worrying about having enough or living paycheck to paycheck (as I had done earlier in my 20s). Hopefully this will also bring less stress to my hubby to be. Money is definitely one of those things that can stress him out. This way, I'll be doing most the daily stuff so he has to worry less. :) 

Does anyone know how to (or if) you can change the default font and color of blogger posts? It would be nice not to have to change it every time! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Seriously, it seems mine were much more stable when I was younger. Or maybe that was just because I didn't socialize so there was little opportunity for my actual moods to be expressed. Either way, I am not a fan. I'm not saying I'm bi-polar or anything, but sometimes it seems that the littlest things can tip me off and cause me to go from great mood to bad mood. Like my brain is always just looking to pick a fight. Totally not okay in my book but I'm not entirely sure how to stop it either. I'm thinking there must be a reason why I do that, but how do you change the way you react...Perhaps I should read the book my boss suggested (boss = Psychologist). 

I really feel bad for Tom sometimes, he faces the brunt of it. Although he is a really good sport about it. And I do really appreciate his patience with my lack thereof. Sometimes I just wonder if I'm just completely unforgiving and think that everything just has to be perfect and when any little thing throws of my "perfect" plan (schedule, way of doing things, etc) then I mentally throw my hands up in the air and get irritated. Instead of doing what makes more sense and taking it as an adjustment, being flexible, and readjusting to a newer, more "perfect" plan. Ugh, sucks to be so aware of your faults and not know how to fix them. I am just grateful that my friends and Fiancé are so forgiving of my unforgiveness and love me for who I am...imperfections and all. So, for those who know me, thank you. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back in the Groove

We are both getting back into our groove after a weekend of some celebrating! Tom and I decided to go to Tahoe Joe's to celebrate our 1-year dating anniversary :-p It was fun, but we definitely did not stick to the diet plan. So, you know what that means...suffer to make up for the excess fat/calories (although they were WELL worth it). Also, I have so far held out from eating ANY of the chocolate cake (but haven't held out from all sweets, so don't applaud too quickly). Either way, I think I am back where I ought to be and did quite well for lunch. I plan on continuing on my path this week. Mostly just because it would be pure awesome to continue losing 2lbs/week. Although, truthfully, if I would just better coordinate my time and exercise, I could probably get there faster...sigh. One step at a time. 

I've also continued with my coupon cutting efforts although have yet to use one. But I have serious plans (including a list in my phone) to go use some tomorrow before they expire. I am still trying to learn how to combine sells and coupons to maximize my efforts, but am not quite there yet. Mostly because Mr. Sir has told me I am not to buy the local newspaper and I understand and appreciate him sticking to his principles...but I REALLY want to save us more money too! Life is so rough sometimes :-p 

We also continue to work to try and train his seemingly untrainable dog. Has anyone ever dealt with one of those (this one is a dachshund/terrier mix) and Boy he can TRY my patience. I have tried all my best dog whisperer/psychology techniques to no avail. I really am starting to wonder if he has the mental capacity!!! But, it does seem like he is getting slightly better (let me emphasize the slightly). Maybe we'll have him trained...someday...some year. Anyone have any good tips? 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Money, Money, Money...

We just keep saving and saving! It is amazing how much we have saved just by eating at home. We are spending about as much as I thought we would and quite a bit less than Tom thought. Either way, it is equaling out to us meeting some of the goals we want faster (way better). Also, it has helped in our weight loss efforts. I finally broke the 210s this week (*dances in chair*). I'm not sure why breaking 210 seems like such a big deal compared to the 220s or 230s...but it does. Tom also did great this week and lost just short of 5 pounds! 

Back on the money front, we have continued going through our "crap" and have now made $270 selling it off through Craigslist. We have used that money to finish paying off Tom's new gun and decided to treat ourselves to sushi tonight. :) 

I was not able to fully use coupons like i had hoped, but partially because my collection is not completely built up. I am continuing to find sites that I like to help me find the deals and hope to be more efficient in the near future! Either way, I am loving these changes and hope we can keep it up!  

Okay...edit this...I just realized I didn't use ANY coupons...What a goof!!! I set the ones aside in my "currently in use" compartment of my coupon organizer and then forgot the important part of taking them out to use them at check out...*face palm* lol Oh well...that would of been a nice $1.50 to save, but maybe next time I'll remember! 

Dyson Dyson Dyson!!

AGH! How perfect! We need a vacuum and The Bewitchin' Kitchen is giving one away...and not just anyone...but the Dyson Animal (drool). So, I hope and pray I win..that would save us a TON of money (which is always preferable I think). And while I don't want more competition...I do understand that I am not the only who may need a new if you want more, check out the buttons on the right hand side of the home page :) Good luck!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

PMS and a Gun

LOL so true isn't it? For those that know me, I'm sure you're nodding right now. And as much as we know this, Tom still hesitated and apologized in advance (in case I was offended) before offering it up to me. I think it is hilarious. I have (mostly) come to grips with the fact that I can be a bit Witchy/PMS-y and I do carry a gun. I do one more than the other (I'll let you figure out which) though...Either way, I thought it was cute and funny and now enjoy it hanging from my rear view mirror :)

Lately, I have been thinking about how I have changed over my lifetime, sometimes for the better, other times not so much...Although, most of the change I would say has happened over the last 5-7 years (well at least change as could be measured from the outside). I do think it is funny how I've gone from one side to the polar opposite and now find myself trying to find balance somewhere in between the two ends (I am told by my boss/psychologist that this is normal, but I think he might be just trying to make me feel better). It is like zip-lining through life. You start at the beginning and then use gravity and inertia to travel to the far reaches of the line, and then come back to the middle somewhere so you can put your feet on the ground again. I don't think I'm completely on the ground yet, but I am getting closer, which is nice. :) 

Back to the first topic, I get my new gun (G30SF) in less than a week! Yahoo! Also, Monday is our First Anniversary of a couple (awww). We were planning on celebrating that day, but I hate to make Tom miss Hash and have a friend in need, so we will be enjoying a dinner out on Sunday instead, back where we met at  Moo Creamery. Yum! 

Life is Good!
Amy :) 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Too Young for Coupon Organizers

This is what my sweet, silly fiancé said to me (after he laughed until he couldn't breathe). As if having a small expanding file actually ages me?! HA, no I say! I am not getting older...I am getting smarter! After all, if I am going to use coupons, I need a way to organize them! How else does he expect me to use them to help save us money? So, I have purchased my first coupon organizer (which will likely not last very long). I think it is cute (purple!), but a bit rigid...and I'm not a fan of the snap on the front. But for now, as a noob couponier I think it shall do the job. Someday I dream of having a cloth or softer organizer that also has a strap to attach to the cart for easy access, AND more compartments! Yes, I do dream of the day...but alas, for now, I shall enjoy the effectiveness of my purple plastic starter organizer (say that ten times fast) and build up to something more grand!

Yes, I know it is sideways, but you get the idea and trust looks much more purple in person :) 

Can you read my horrific writing? And you can kind of see how purple it really is :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blister Block is Not Just for Feet!

So, when  I was younger I refused to wear skirts/dresses out of principle (i.e. I refuse to give in to the stereotypical female role), then later it became more of a practical thing. I'd wear dresses or skirts but always needed shorts underneath to prevent the irritating (and sometimes painful) rubbing of my thighs (seriously embarrassing, but the truth and as they say...the truth shall set you free!). My solution...keep a pair of workout shorts and wear them under the open outfit. But that wasn't a great solution and definitely killed the "I feel cute" part of wearing a skirt or dress (and then what is the point, right?). 

Some time back (right after I got my first "real" job) and needed to wear "grown-up" shoes (seriously, what is so wrong with flip flops?!), I started getting blisters. I then tried everything I could to prevent and treat the nasty suckers: regular bandaids, cloth bandaids, the thick blister bandaids, and blister block (for those wondering, the blister bandaids really do work better). But anyway, I digress. So once I realized that Blister Block didn't work so great at preventing blisters (ironic), I had an epiphany! I wonder if this could solve my "other" problem with dresses/skirts? And that it did (fabulously, I might add)! 

I now keep stock of the product because it is just that amazing! No more shorts, no more rubbing, and I still get to feel cute in my skirts. Yay! Chaffing = 0, Amy = 1. So, for those of you ladies with similar problems, try it out (I can't guarantee your money back, but am pretty sure you'll be glad you did)! :D
Saving the world one dress at a time,
Amy :)

Awesome Giveaway...Awesome Book

Simpy Stacie

I am REALLY hoping I win this book from Simply Stacie...I, like her, have a crazy sweet tooth! It would be awesome to have more ways to enjoy my sweets without killing my weight loss goals! Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yay for Protection!

Without phone would of just been toast! It had a large scratch which Tom thought was a crack in the screen. Major bummer! Although, I wasn't too distraught as I've been waiting for the new Samsung Vibrant although, since we just spent money on guns, would prefer to wait on a new phone. Well, we have been saved! It was just a deep scratch in the protective plastic on my screen...Whew! I have removed the broken cover and replaced it with a new shiny cover. Definitely a must for touch-screen phones! :) 

In other news, Tom and I have decided to start looking at combining assets and setting a budget for us two rather than having two accounts and two budgets when we share most everything anyway (minus housing). In order to help us get started, I decided to go through both our accounts and see what we were spending on everything. Turns out that we were spending over $1000 a month just in food/meals...for two people!! That seems outrageous to me! Although, I really shouldn't of been surprised since we always eat out. So, we have decided that we can reduce that significantly if we would just make our own food and eat at home more. So that we shall do. We started this weekend by making a menu and getting groceries (seriously, we hadn't gone grocery shopping in close to a sad). So, now we are just trying to figure out what is reasonable for two people...I think it should be no big deal to cut it down to $400, max of $500 to eat at home all week and then maybe go out on the weekends. What do you think? What is normal? 

In order to help reach this new budget goal, I am going to start looking through coupons. Thank you mom for the tip on coupons. Hopefully we can save some more money, there are plenty more important things around this house and our new lives that could use that money! Like...protective film for my phone :) 

A Thing of Beauty

The relationship between me and my handguns truly is a thing of beauty. If it wasn't so creepy (and already taken by my previous shooting instructor) I think I would treat it like Golem in Lord of the Rings...My Precious. Okay, maybe that is taking it a bit far, but I do greatly enjoy and appreciate my firearm. It has served me well, is always there when I need it, and fits nicely inside my purse. :) My Precious (I can't help myself) has been a Glock Model 38. This particular firearm is a compact model that utilizes .45 GAP ammunition (the same width/caliber as .45 ACP, but shorter casing). I have really enjoyed this firearm. It fits my smaller hands but is still as effective as a standard .45. 

However, a problem has been plaguing my use of this particular gun...there is a SERIOUS lack of available ammunition! The caliber did not catch on like they hoped and with all the newer gun laws (thank you liberal politicians) the gun ammo is not only "out of stock" but "no backorder available". This causes a problem...I can't use the gun without good ammunition and I can't practice my skills without it either! So, I have been in a quandary...what to do?!

Today, this was solved. Thanks to one of my old shooting buddies, I was introduced to one of Glock's newer models the 30 SF (Short Frame) that mimics the sizing of the GAP models but while still using the standard ACP ammunition! Last night Tom and I went and checked it was all I could hope for and more! I felt all my dreams were once again coming true, I could see the light, and couldn't stop grinning. Paradise. We discussed the implications and both looked at the affordability of purchasing a new gun right now (we like to keep same ammunition so we can interchange ammo and magazines). Today, we went back and he picked up a standard Glock 30 (larger frame for larger hands) and I picked up my new 30 SF :) 

I could not be more thrilled! It really is a thing of beauty :) I get to pick it up on Tuesday afternoon (thanks again politicians for a 10-day waiting period). I will be sure to grab some photos when I pick it up :D 

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Epic Struggle

So, I don't know how many of you have this problem (but I'm guessing a fairly large majority), but I have seriously struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. Well, that isn't' entirely accurate, there were a few years where I stopped fighting and let it get out of control. But that was hardly a real solution as all it did was make my health plummet! So, this year I decided to take control. Afterall I had many reasons to stay healthy, the main one is Tom. I love Tom and we are just starting our life together, would hate my laziness and overeating to end it early! 

( - if only I weighed that much!)
In January one of my mom's friends told us about this local Biggest Loser competition held by this awesome lady Raquel! She was sweet enough to put this whole 10-week competition on. And so it began. My mom and I partnered up and while we didn't win the competition, we both lost around 10 lbs (yay). We have both continued in the competitions since and are now in our third round (although, I am partnering with my hubby-to-be this time). So, every Friday we weigh in, which always causes a dilemma on Thursday. How much water do you drink? If I drink too much then it will say I've lost less/gained when I haven't just because no time to "get rid of the excess", but if I don't drink it, that is bad too! So, here it is, Friday of week 4 in the competition and because of the blood donation, I definitely drank too much water! It is quite frustrating I tell you! I hate to work so hard all week and then look at the scale and feel like it was for nothing (I know it is not true, but it still feels like a waste sometimes). 

Yet, I am determined [insert superhero theme song] to continue working my butt off (literally and figuratively) so I can be healthy and cute (here is where my sweet fiancée would tell me I am already)! Since January I have lost just over 30 pounds and haven't really gained much back (minimal yo-yo'ing) which is a huge success for me. Although, I still have a LONG ways  to go to my goal! 

Some of the skills/resources that have helped me maintain are:
1. WWDiary App for my Android  (semi-weight watchers)
2. Tom and my Mom's regular encouragement and love
3. Couch to 5K 
4. Visions of me in my wedding dress :D
5. Sushi (best low fat/calorie dinners ever!)

For those of you out there in the same battle, how do you do it? How do you keep the motivation up, minimize weight gain, and still enjoy life? 

Welcome Fellow FFFers!!!

Welcome everyone from FFF!! I hope you enjoy what you see and welcome you to make a comment or follow or whatever seems to best suit your blogging style. :) I am excited to check out all your blogs when I get off work tonight! Thank you again for visiting and I hope you come back again. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Simpy Stacie
I get to be the very special 3rd link for tomorrow's Fun Follow Friday by Simply Stacie. Thank you again Natalie for introducing me to the blog and event in the first place! :)

In other news, tonight Tom and I go and make our regular (every 8 week) donation at the blood bank! I am O- and Tom is A+ and we try to go as often as we can. It really amazes me how few people do this. I understand the needle can be a bit scary, but literally for 30-45 minutes of your time, you can save a life. Where else do you get that kind of opportunity? And that is why we try to go whenever we are able. It doesn't really hurt, takes minimal time, AND they give you free juice and snacks after! Saving someone's life is rarely easier :) 

How many of you donate? And if not, why?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fish Heads, Fish Heads...

rolly, polly fish Okay so maybe they didn't roll, but there were definite fish heads involved in the aftermath of the deep sea fishing trip. It took the three of us (Tom, Dad, myself) over 6 hours to do all the clean up and prep necessary so the fish are edible! Tom did most of the cutting clean up (removing the bad "fishy" veins), I handled the canning of the tuna (funny, since it is in jars, not cans), and dad cleaned up all the reels, poles, and made sure we didn't screw up any of the goods! It was definitely a team effort. When we finished at 3:30, Tom and I were ready to rest! Boy is clean up exhausting!!! Although, fun to go through the process and see all it takes. I can now see why fish are so expensive to isn't like you can just catch them and call it good. It is a LOT of work! But now we have TONS of fresh Albacore, ready to eat...yum! 

To relax Tom and I had a fantastic dinner at Black Angus (no fish) lol It really is amazing...I have been tired and exhausted from this weekend and from the day's fishing labors, but just sitting there, having a nice dinner, restored my soul I think. It even made work a bit more bearable. :) 

OH! And sweet Mr. Sir got me a new gadget for my pink handcuffs! I keep losing the little key, so he bought me this ZAK tool that matches the cuffs and will make it easier to find and use the key! :) It was a great little surprise :)

As for tonight, we had planned to just relax and enjoy more "us" time, but alas, the poor boy forgot it was his mother's birthday! So, instead we will be heading over there and enjoying some dinner and "family" time lol perhaps we'll get our time on Thursday! :D 

Amy :) 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gettin' My Groove Back

That, I most certainly did! For those who don't know, I have always enjoyed baking. I don't know why, it isn't even that I love eating the baked goods. I just love baking (not cooking).  Well, that was up until this past year when nothing I made seemed to turn out right. Part of this was because I was mixing baking with candy making (a skill i definitely don't possess) and partly because I started using Tom's 20-year old gas stove, which we recently discovered is always about 50 degrees hotter than you set it. So, that is why everything is turning out crispy! Well, to solve this problem, I bought myself an oven themometer, but really hadn't had the drive to test out my baking skills with my new tool. 

Today, I did. I started out with the basics (Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip Cookies). And I must say, it went really well! The snickerdoodle are still a bit more crispy than I like, but they aren't burned so I'm thinking I may just need a new recipe. The Chocolate Chip, however, turned out PERFECT! Yay oven themometer!!
See the results! Yum!!! I was even able to limit myself to one each. Yay again for will power! :) 

So, this weekend has also got me thinking. I don't know about you, but as a kid (well teenager) I always thought the woman cleaning up for the man, baking, etc. was old fashioned and not for me. But then I looked at this weekend. So, have I become that traditional female (minus the children)? Or is this just how it is supposed to work. Which is the answer, I don't really know, but it did get me thinking. I don't really think I mind this position as I always thought I would. I like knowing I am taking care of the man I love in the way he needs it most (currently: maid). Afterall, he definitely takes care of me, and isn't that what love and marriage are supposed to be about? 

One last funny thought/story: Last night I was ironing Tom's shirts while watching TV (which runs off his computer). I also had on my computer, and just about every light in the house (I'll bet you can guess where this is going), when everything went dark (okay, show of hands, how many guessed it?)! Well, okay, the front half of the house went dark, the back half and the garage (thank goodness, there was no time to lose with the laundry) still worked. Being the self-sufficient, independent, and fearless woman I am...I grabbed a flashlight and went hunting for the fuse box (which of course was at the very last wall I could have looked). I found it, behind a giant bush, guarded by the most evil spider EVER (seriously, if you saw it, you'd agree). Now, what's a gal to do?! I am completely phobic of spiders, but needed electricity ACK! Fortunately, Tom has a brother who came to my rescue, slayed the spider, and flipped the switch. All of me and the dogs rejoiced (insert song here). I was able to resume my ironing (with fewer lights/electronics) and all was well once again. The End. 

Warned you there would be ramblings...
Amy :) 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mission Semi-Impossible

I cannot help but laugh out loud right now! This house was so much more of a mess than I EVER expected. Geez! I have been focused and cleaning for about 2 days solid and I'm still not done! Although, through this, I have learned that Tom definitely does NOT need new shirts, but we do need a new vacuum (here is hoping we get a good one for the wedding). His vacuum is all but dead, and mine is no match for our wire-haired terrier. lol 

Oh well, at least he will be coming home to a well-groomed yard and clean home tomorrow/Monday. All I have left is the kitchen and bathrooms and am determined to get those up to par tomorrow (if not tonight). For cleaning, I almost wish he was gone longer. lol But otherwise I am so excited to see him! While cleaning has made the time go by quickly, I still miss him something crazy! 

So, tomorrow night Bob and Audrey (my adopted grandparents) want Mika (see above). They used to be regular dog-owners, but after their last two passed, they decided no more pets. They just can't get around like they need to to be good dog owners (which is really sad). But they do appreciate being grandparents to others' dogs and love my Mika! So, they figured 4th of July would be a excuse to ask for her, since they know I'm watching her and might want to go out without leaving her to suffer from the noise. I know they'll love having her for a night and she too will enjoy the spoiling that comes with staying with the grandparents :)

Well, I need a shower (really, I do) and then I think I will relax with a movie and perhaps a glass of wine... :-O 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Wife to be...

Well, I may not be a wife yet, but I am certainly practicing! As you may remember, Tom is out of town, fishing with my dad and I decided he would appreciate coming back to his house being cleaned. Along with this, perhaps his lawn mowed (poor guy has nutgrass like crazy!). So, that is what I've been doing. I still have a LONG way to go with the house. What is it with bachelors and messes?! But I have faith that I can finish cleaning up in the next two days and still enjoy some relaxation of my own!

So now, I sit here, tired, but feeling accomplished and deciding what to do for the evening. At some point I suppose I will go get some dinner, there is also some Riesling in the fridge (yum!), and I could always go rent a movie, since I'm already caught up on my Hulu queue. Although, I haven't played Sims in quite some time. hmmm, it is funny, when Tom is here, I have to find a reason not to go out and do something. And now, that Tom is gone, there is absolutely nothing going on! Funny how that works lol 

Well, I guess I better get to it! Also, a warm welcome to my new followers from Fun Friday Follow! I hope you find me interesting enough to stick around. :) 

Ready to be Mrs. Trammell,
Amy :) 

Fun Follow Friday

Thank you to Natalie for the tip on Fun Follow Friday hosted by Simply Stacie! I am excited to give it a try and see what happens next. Even more depth into my new blogging world. :D

In other news, I am working on cleaning the house and trying to keep to my diet while Mr. Sir is out in the Pacific Ocean somewhere. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tom left me

to go on a 4 day, 3 night deep-sea fishing trip with my dad. I am at least hoping that he'll come back with LOTS of fish, since he is leaving me all alone for the 4th :-p 

Today also started my 5 day weekend (love vacation days). I'm hoping it will be filled with a nice balance of fun and relaxation as well as time to do some much needed chores :) 

Plans for Sunday night are still kind of up in the air right now, so if you have any ideas for me shout it out!