Saturday, July 24, 2010


That is what I like to use when referring to Tom's two dogs. They may look cute, but don't let them fool you! We have been working with them for the past year (really solidly the last 2 months) to try and break them of some old bad habits like: staying out of the kitchen, off the couch, not waking up Tom for food (he has to do this one on his own), and not constantly licking. Every time I think we are making real progress, they show me they really are just getting better at pretending they are listening.

For example...tonight, Tom decided to smoke the cigar I got him out front and I decided to join him just to chat. I come back inside after about 5-10 minutes to get a glass of Riesling to find Buzz on the couch (although he quickly got off when he heard me come in) and Tigger in my kitchen (once again trying to leave the kitchen). I swear I could kill them both (okay, not really, but it is REALLY frustrating). So...all this tells me is that they pretend we are in charge to get extra treats and stay out of trouble, but really think they rule the joint. Ugh! 

So, now they sit, locked outside in the back, because I'm not going to let them get back up on the couch while I go outside and also, I just don't know what else to do! We have tried scolding, rubbing their nose, smacking their noses/butts, spraying water, giving treats, words of praise and punishment, locking outside, and the list goes on, but to no avail! How do you get dogs to continue following the rules when you're not constantly watching?! I've never had this problem with any of my other dogs (then again I started training from puppyhood), they all learned and listened and stayed out of trouble even when I couldn't watch. These two just refuse!!! HELP!!


  1. I don't have any words of wisdom..but your post did give me a chuckle this morning..thanks :)

  2. LOL least some good has come of their misbehaving :)

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