Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Seriously, it seems mine were much more stable when I was younger. Or maybe that was just because I didn't socialize so there was little opportunity for my actual moods to be expressed. Either way, I am not a fan. I'm not saying I'm bi-polar or anything, but sometimes it seems that the littlest things can tip me off and cause me to go from great mood to bad mood. Like my brain is always just looking to pick a fight. Totally not okay in my book but I'm not entirely sure how to stop it either. I'm thinking there must be a reason why I do that, but how do you change the way you react...Perhaps I should read the book my boss suggested (boss = Psychologist). 

I really feel bad for Tom sometimes, he faces the brunt of it. Although he is a really good sport about it. And I do really appreciate his patience with my lack thereof. Sometimes I just wonder if I'm just completely unforgiving and think that everything just has to be perfect and when any little thing throws of my "perfect" plan (schedule, way of doing things, etc) then I mentally throw my hands up in the air and get irritated. Instead of doing what makes more sense and taking it as an adjustment, being flexible, and readjusting to a newer, more "perfect" plan. Ugh, sucks to be so aware of your faults and not know how to fix them. I am just grateful that my friends and FiancĂ© are so forgiving of my unforgiveness and love me for who I am...imperfections and all. So, for those who know me, thank you. 


  1. I know what you mean! Unfortunately, I'm the same way but we all have our moments!

  2. Hi! I saw that you wanted to have a free makeover. The order form is automatically set to show the amount for a blog makeover. It doesn't actually charge. So please fill one out and I'll be glad to help you out!

  3. Thank you! It is definitely good to know I'm not alone.

    Cristin, yay!! I will go fill it out now :)

  4. Its okay, Amers. I'm moody too. Hmm...maybe its a family thing...you know, like the apple juice thing! ;) Lol I like things to go as planned. I am weird about how money is deposited into the bank. I make up these different sections in my brain of where its all going, therefore, it has to be deposited the same way rather than one lump sum...Jim's used to it now. :) haha

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  6. :: hugs :: have you read my most recent post? we are on a similar wavelength. i've added you back gorgeous! please spread the word!



  7. I have an award for you on my blog! :)

  8. Don't know where you got such emotions from!!! LOLOLOLOL

  9. lol Like Mother...like Daughter :) That is okay, I got lots of other great traits too!