Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Thing of Beauty

The relationship between me and my handguns truly is a thing of beauty. If it wasn't so creepy (and already taken by my previous shooting instructor) I think I would treat it like Golem in Lord of the Rings...My Precious. Okay, maybe that is taking it a bit far, but I do greatly enjoy and appreciate my firearm. It has served me well, is always there when I need it, and fits nicely inside my purse. :) My Precious (I can't help myself) has been a Glock Model 38. This particular firearm is a compact model that utilizes .45 GAP ammunition (the same width/caliber as .45 ACP, but shorter casing). I have really enjoyed this firearm. It fits my smaller hands but is still as effective as a standard .45. 

However, a problem has been plaguing my use of this particular gun...there is a SERIOUS lack of available ammunition! The caliber did not catch on like they hoped and with all the newer gun laws (thank you liberal politicians) the gun ammo is not only "out of stock" but "no backorder available". This causes a problem...I can't use the gun without good ammunition and I can't practice my skills without it either! So, I have been in a quandary...what to do?!

Today, this was solved. Thanks to one of my old shooting buddies, I was introduced to one of Glock's newer models the 30 SF (Short Frame) that mimics the sizing of the GAP models but while still using the standard ACP ammunition! Last night Tom and I went and checked it was all I could hope for and more! I felt all my dreams were once again coming true, I could see the light, and couldn't stop grinning. Paradise. We discussed the implications and both looked at the affordability of purchasing a new gun right now (we like to keep same ammunition so we can interchange ammo and magazines). Today, we went back and he picked up a standard Glock 30 (larger frame for larger hands) and I picked up my new 30 SF :) 

I could not be more thrilled! It really is a thing of beauty :) I get to pick it up on Tuesday afternoon (thanks again politicians for a 10-day waiting period). I will be sure to grab some photos when I pick it up :D 


  1. Oh wow, just looking at it scares me! You definitely have guts!


  2. hehe not guts...just training. It is just education. :)

  3. You are making me drool! I am saving up for a 45cal. Thanks for your advice on my blog. I can't have fake sugars, I forgot to mention that... but some of those ideas sound really good. I'll look for them at the store next time I go. I've had skinny cow before, it's yummy.

  4. In that case, try an apple with peanut butter (less peanut butter, more apple) or special K cereal or other fresh fruits. Great for the diet, and great for cooling off :) Good luck on saving up. What type of 45 are you looking at?

  5. Ames, as you know, I don't know a thing about guns. I am sorry about the 10 day waiting period, but glad you get to pick it up soon! :)