Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Talker to Chatter

Last night (after my novel of a blog) I realized that I am much more willing to type than I am to talk. When I was younger I think it would of definitely been the other way around. So, I have to wonder what changed. In conversation, I have been told I am too concise/not a good small talker. But on here it seems I can't get away with anything less than a chapter from a book! I am grateful to you all for your patience in reading my blogs (although, in all fairness, the title kind of warned you), but still wonder why it is so much easier to be a conversationalist when it's on a keyboard, than in real life conversation (or perhaps it is just easier for me to converse with myself...)! Either way, I am thankful for your patience and that this venue exists for sharing some of the thoughts that float in my mind. :)

In other news, my mom and I met with the House of Flowers folks. We were not nearly as impressed as we were with FlowerBar, but we will wait for the quote tomorrow (although, I think we'll end up with FlowerBar either way). Although, at least one good thing came of the visit; we got a few more referrals to other services we'll need for the wedding to check out. Hopefully that will work out for us in finding the right vendors. :)

Tonight was also nice as far as getting "in" with the "in-laws". Tom has been over there helping them prepare for some extended concrete/patio work, so I joined them for some El Pollo Loco. This is not that out of the ordinary, we seem to do this about weekly. However, today, while the boys were out fetching supplies and food, his mom spoke with me differently. It was like she was orienting me to being "one of the kids", to "our" bathroom, how food supplies, and other things in the house work. It was different and quite unexpected, but nice to know she at least likes me. I have a feeling that will be WAY beneficial during our marriage. I think we are both lucky to have fairly normal in-laws that we can each get along with. I have heard so many horror stories, it is nice to know (at least for now) that is one problem we won't have to worry about!

Well, I am off to go show Bonnie (the dog) some attention. I will catch you all later!

Amy :)

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  1. I am glad that you have been accepted into the family! :) Getting along with your in-laws is important. I know that I am really luck with my in-laws. Totally blessed. :) I am glad that you tried out another flower place, but still have one that you love! :)