Sunday, June 27, 2010

Official Business

The Save-the-Dates are mailed out!! I got the magnets yesterday, so Tom and I went and picked out envelopes and then sat in front of the TV, watched Lie to Me and got them all ready (minus the stamps). Put the stamps on and TADA they are now in the mailbox! Very exciting, the official word is officially in the mail, on its official way to the official few! :) 

We also got to go to a surprise birthday party for our friend Eric (Happy Birthday Eric!!) at Pump It Up!. Designed for kids, but GREAT for adults. We had an absolute blast AND got a great work out :) Although, we probably killed any burned calories on the cake after...oh well! It was great fun, even if we do pay for it tomorrow. :) 

Tomorrow is also the Annual Bakersfield Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run! All the local hashers will be in red dresses, bar hopping (yes, men too). I am planning on going, we already got Tom a great dress (I am using his from last year). It should be a ball! For those curious, go to the link before and come join us tomorrow at 6:30 pm :) If you're not local, there should be a group near you too! :) 

Lady in Red,
Amy :)

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