Friday, June 25, 2010

Details over details^2

I LOVE the details! I am currently trying to figure those out for the wedding. We have all the big stuff taken care of (well, just about), but there are number of little things that are still negotiable, shall we say. :) For those of you who know me, you know I love research (seriously, I do). However, I was neglected the creative gene. So, this process of researching creative details is proving to be both fun and exhausting. :) But through it all I am finding some great deals on awesome things! 

Like a tub/bucket for the sodas ( Fill it with ice and soda (remove the sticker), badda bing, badda boom. What do you think? 
...and colored floating candles for the pool. I like the morning glory for purple...but can't decide if i like the square or circle white ones...what do you think ( & Square will match the plates/cake/etc., but still seems a bit off...

Oh and how could I forget to show you what my dear, sweet, AMAZING Tom did for me today...He had flowers, a beautiful (and fragrant) bouquet, delivered to my office. It was incredibly sweet and I love them (him too)! 

They are just so vibrant and beautiful. Just another reminder of how lucky I am to have found Tom. :) 

Amy :) 

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