Monday, May 17, 2010

Lost in a blog world...

Okay, you all win! I am a lemming who is joining in to see what this blog world is all about. I am warning you that at least for awhile this will mostly be a wedding blog more than a me blog, but that seems fair enough since that is a pretty big part of my life at the moment. I will admit that I began a small blog on my wedding website (yet to be released with only one post). But while I was typing the second post it seemed silly to me to put it there because the purpose of the site is information and a blog is more of an editorial. So, I didn't really think people would read it there. And second, what if I found I really enjoyed blogging?! Then all my hard work would be on a site that in a year will be obsolete if not completely gone. That would just be unacceptable. So, here I am, and here I go. :)

As if it isn't obvious by the content here, I am new, so if you have hints/tips/tricks about blogging (Thank you Natalie for the use of Gmail Reader) I am open!


  1. I am so proud of you for giving in...err...I mean joining the blogging community!! :) I would recommend blog hops (call me and I will explain) or checking out Its a sight that is just all blogs and blog communities. You can build followers of your blog from there, but its also a great way to find blogs that have content that interests you, such as, wedding ideas and stuff. Oh! I have a blog I read that is a diy party decorating blog. Its super cute and might give you a starting point for center pieces and decor ideas!
    I might have another one for ya, but its late and I am tired, therefore my brain shuts off! haha!
    I love you and I am glad you started this blog. I will keep my peepers open for more diy blogs that I think might help you! :)

  2. Thanks Natalie : ) I will check those out