Monday, May 17, 2010

I know, it already signs them for me...

The gates are open and the floods are flooding! I never realized how different it would be from thinking about planning your wedding (since I was a kid) to actually planning the event. Although, I do still think we have made great progress thus far. We have officially been engaged for 17 days and we have a date, venue, caterer, DJ, colors, and an idea of layout. Whew! And yet so much left to do still!

And who in the world decided they could charge so much for stuff?! $50 for a single rose boutonnière? Quite ridiculous if you ask me! So, what's an uncreative gal like me to do? Learn the DIY day and hope my mom and friends have mercy on me!

I am still rather clueless on how the centerpieces will come together or what kind of flowers to use (and not use), how to arrange tables and chairs, how to put the candy station together and still look cute, and all sorts of other little decorative pieces (the parts that frighten me the most)!

Although, I am certain we will get through this and have a wonderful wedding and life following! With that said, if you have words of wisdom, or are a willing creative extra, I am recruiting hands, eyes, and minds.

The soon-to-be,

Mrs. Amy J. Trammell :)

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  1. candy bar?! Yum! I think the most important thing is not to stress and just enjoy your day...because seriously, you won't remember seeing most of the people who came until you see your pics, everyone will be watching your beautiful self, and everyone will have a great time! :)