Thursday, May 27, 2010


Disneyland was a success! Hooray! Tom enjoyed himself thoroughly which was both a surprise and a relief. :) We had an absolute blast at the park (6 hours on Sunday, 12.5 hours Monday, and 5.5 hours Tuesday). Although, we were both pretty exhausted afterward. Another praise is this is the first time i've been able to go more than a day or so at the park without my ankles giving me some serious grief! I do think this is due to a number of variables:
1. I spent some dough on some new New Balance running shoes which helped keep my feet comfy and supported.
2. I think the weight loss has played quite a role
3. I have been more active in the previous year than in time before previous trips.

Regardless of how each of those plus any others I didn't think of helped, I was just glad to be able to go the whole time and never feel like my ankles were going to break. :)

In other news...I am now housesitting for some family friends (The Congers) as they are in Minnesota celebrating and enjoying the birth of their first grandbabies! Beautiful twin girls! So, I will be remotely accessing my blog through their computer, whose keyboard is currently irritating me (maybe I should bring mine over...hmmm). I will be here until the middle/end of June with their house and cute doggy, Bonnie. I think we'll have a lot of fun together, she is quite the energetic puppy. :)

In further news (like the way this is going? :-p), I got another letter from the last property management company I rented from who says they won't give my deposit back and that I owe rent (totally bogus). So, since I am now thinking court will be inevitable, I am doing my research and getting all my evidence together (thank you for those days of debate)! As part of my evidence, since in their letter they imply they haven't been able to rent the property out, I decided to go by the house to make sure the sign is still up, if in fact, they don't have a tenant...Well, well, well, low and behold, they do have a tenant! And the young man was nice enough to answer the door and tell me he has been there for about three weeks! So, as if there was any question the judge would rule in my favor before, this should be icing on the cake. See, lying and deception never pay. If only they knew who they were messing with! It is nice to have another assurance that I have done everything like I was supposed to and they have not, so there is less concern in court. Although, I will still send them one more letter to see if they are smart enough to just give me my deposit versus my deposit plus damages in small claims.

Anyway, I need to go walk miss Bonnie before my CCW class, so, I will be back soon! Thank you again for taking the time to read my thoughts. :)

Amy :)

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