Monday, May 17, 2010

all at once...I'm in love

Ok lol maybe not all at once, I was more referring to the fact that someone coming on here will see three separate posts at once; but really I wrote these at separate times, but felt the need to put them all up so they don't get lost on another website. So, please forgive :) lol This is the last one for tonight...I promise (well I promise to try).

I never thought flowers would be a difficult think to decide on for my wedding. That of course was when it was all theoretical. Now that it is practical, tangible, I think something completely different. My thought now is more along the lines of "flowers are going to be the toughest part about planning this wedding". Thank goodness the venue already has that taken care of (my parents have a gorgeous backyard). But what about the bouquets and centerpieces and touches that will need to be added to make it nice? And this is of course all before I realized how crazy pricey flowers actually are...goodness! But we'll ignore price for now, let's just focus on the task at hand. Picking flowers. I think this is harder for me because (so far) everything else I've looked at had a finite list, I could see the options before me and then it was just a logical decision tree for which I liked or fit what I wanted and which did not. Flowers, however, have a seemingly ENDLESS list of possibilities. Each flower has a number of variety types, each in a number of colors, so on and so forth....So, how does one pick?
Well, for those that know me, this will come as no great shock, but in order to help myself narrow it down, I created a spreadsheet. My intent was to go through photos on google, floral websites, and wedding websites and list the flowers I liked and those I did not. I had no idea how vast the options were until I started. This method clearly will not suffice! And while I still don't have a better method, I did figure out a few options I seem to like most: deep purple hydrangeas and orchids. Although, I also really like peonies, dahlias, petunias, sweet peas, zinnias, snap dragons, and the list goes on. How do people do this?! I think someone should create a guide. A decision tree if you will. If you are having an out door wedding you should look at this list and then narrow it by color and tada you have your flower choices! If any of you know one that exists, please let me know. :) Until then, I will continue to rack my brain trying to figure out a better method for choosing flowers.
Although, the problem still exists after I choose the flower. How do you arrange them? I guess the bouquets are simple enough (yeah, I say that now, I haven't' actually tried), but what about the centerpieces? I have been looking mind you, as has my mom. My mom is wonderful about helping me find ideas. She has some serious wedding research skills and I am grateful! I still want to know though, is this piece as difficult for everyone else as it is proving to be for me? Or do most people have this all figured out already? It is throwing me into a wedding planning tizzy (maybe I can see why florists charge so much, this could be worth the cost)!
I think this is all so vibrant for me right now as we are meeting our first florist tomorrow afternoon. My wonderful mom and matron of honor will be joining me at the Flower Bar. Hopefully the professional folks there can take what I know and don't know and help me figure out what I want and don't want all within a reasonable price range/budget so I don't have to lose sleep. hehe not that I'm actually losing sleep over it, I'm actually having a quite a lot of fun, but still would prefer resolution. I'm not used to not knowing what I want. That usually isn't a problem for me, and something that will take at least a little getting used to...:-p
Anyway, this has been fun, but I think that is all I have to say about flowers...for the moment at least. I wish you all a good night and please drop me a comment if you have some pointers :)


  1. I think flowers were the easiest for me because I wanted to use my favorite flower. Do you have a favorite? My florist was amazing. I told her what I wanted and she took it and went far beyond what I was little touches, such as, pearl pins to stick into the ribbon that wraps around the bouquet. She saw them, thought of me, and added it at no charge. And it was perfect! Yes, florists are expensive, but they also relieve the stress of making sure all the flowers are fresh and not wilted and arranging them in the best and most beautiful way. This way you can just focus on walking down the aisle without tripping ;) j/k
    I am glad that you are having so much fun with it though...and that you started a blog. I am your first follower! :) woo hoo!

  2. Lol I have a favorite flower but it doesn't match at all! Lol who was your florist?

  3. its the florist in the Noriega House downtown. Its a beautiful area. that is the website. I know she had her own business, but was working in the House, but I can't remember the name of her business.