Saturday, September 4, 2010

Time has flown

Seriously, did it really go by this fast when we were younger? It certainly did not seem so! It feels like every year goes by faster than the year before (makes me worry about those yet to come!). I did have a friend once explain that this happens because each year means that that year is a smaller fraction of our total years, and that is why it seems shorter. I don't know if it is that or we just forget how fast it went by the year before so it seems faster. Who knows?! All I know is, it has now been almost exactly 5 months since Tom proposed and only 8 months until the wedding. For all those who said having over a year to plan was way too much time and it was going to go're wrong :-p

We still have to reserve tables and chairs (mom, we should do this soon), pick/order the dress, the shoes, accessories, get decorations for the yard, finish cleaning up/painting the yard (mom, I'll help with this one when you do it), figure out tuxedos, and a bunch else! Wowzers! Hopefully I'll get enough time/breaks with the new job to take care of it or else I might have to start delegating :-p lol I am excited for October. I am planning a trip with my bridal party and my awesome mom to go dress shopping down in the pasadena area. Exciting thinking about ordering my dress, but I have been wavering on what to do about size. I am working my butt off to get as low as possible before our October trip, but I am still hoping to continue working on losing weight between that and the wedding. So, do I order the dress purposely a size or two small (which makes measurements difficult), and hope I make it, or wait and hope when the time comes they have one my size sitting around? Or order it at the size I am that day and hold? 


  1. The only reason a year is not long enough to plan a wedding is because you have a year. If you had 2 years to plan it would turn out the same as if you had 6 months to plan it will come out exactly the same.

    As for the dress personally I would find out how long it takes to order receive and fit a dress and order it a few weeks longer then that. At that point wherever you are stay there.

    I had this issue with a tux once. I ordered it cause my buddy's girl want everything done so far in advance. I lost 15lb before the wedding and when i went to pick up the tux it was huge. They had to quickly get another one in an i picked it up a few hours before the wedding. You don't have that option with a dress.

    I know you don't do much beer but RDWHAHB!


  2. Relax Don't Worry Have A Home Brew!