Saturday, September 4, 2010


Don't you just love all my new caps lock titles recently? lol Life is very exciting...Anyway, the reason for the excitement...*drum roll please*...I finally broke 200lbs!!!! I weighed in at 199.8 yesterday (and 199.6 today). The first time in years that I have been under 200! Woot! Very exciting for me. Although, this isn't to say I am even close to being done with my weight loss goals...I'm barely halfway there, but this was a major benchmark for me :) 

To celebrate (and also out of necessity), Tom and I went to Kohl's to get me some new tops and bottoms that actually fit (without looking frumpy). It was a nice reward and will be good so that I dress to impress at my new job! Yay. We've also decided that I must be obsessed with purple...literally every single top I bought (minus one) and just about everything else I tried on was like a plum shade of purple...I must have a thing for it! 

This has been quite the week and September will continue to be an exciting month. Changing jobs, Tom is going to Denver for a Beer festival, we have the hashing group camp out, and Tom's birthday is on the 14th. :) I think I will be ready to slow down in October...for sure! 

In other news...I think I have decided to stop coloring my hair. My near daily lap swimming has brought to light how much damage swimming has done to my hair (it feels so dry and crispy). So, I think I'll have my chica color me back to normal and let it grow out. Although, I have greatly enjoyed my being "red". I just can't justify the damage it is causing, and refuse to give up swimming as it is the most consistent way I have for exercising regularly. :) 

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