Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ch Ch Cha Cha Changes!

Seriously, there are so many of them  right now!! Just over a year ago, I was so certain that nothing was going to change. So convinced that I went into a year long lease on a house and a 3-year lease on a gym. Two months later, I meet the man of my dreams on (a website that until then had proved to be completely useless). And all of a sudden everything changed. Now, I'm engaged, planning a wedding, I've changed jobs, moved again (out of a lease), and in general seen a 180 degree turn from what my life was before Tom. Wow! I feel so blessed to have my life, there really isn't much more I could ask for. 

Right now I'm enjoying a few days of planned unemployment between jobs. Tom is in Denver at the Great American Beer Festival with his best friend Matt. And other than cleaning the house, I am able to just sit here and enjoy some time to myself to think and relax (I should also go to the gym, since I was really bad this week). I really do love my life. What a great feeling to have! Thank you all for sharing it with me :) 


  1. That's so awesome! And I know the feeling of thinking it'll all be just the same and cablam you are blind sided by change.

  2. I am glad that you are taking time off in between your old job and your new one! Hooray!! :) I am grabbing your button and putting it on my blog! :)

  3. Lol That is exactly it Nicole! At least these have all been fabulous changes!!!